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What solutions can Weather Central and MyWeather offer me?

First, we work with you to identify the best locally available traffic data in your market. Each market is unique, and each market has different sources and types of data available. We can also connect you with partners who can set up and operate traffic sensor networks just for you.

Second, we work with you to determine which of the RouteCast-powered products fit with your needs and budget. MyWeather and our sister company, Weather Central, Inc., offer a series of products that can ingest all of the traffic data we identify together and deliver it to your audience. Select them all for a comprehensive traffic and weather service:

On-air: RouteCast HD ® by Weather Central
Online: RouteCast® by MyWeather
Desktop: :LIVE Online® Traffic by MyWeather
DTV: TrafficPlus® by Weather Central, Inc.

Why traffic? Aren't you a weather company?

Traffic has become the latest category of information that your local news brand can own. Many of our clients see the obvious parallels between the presentation of weather information and the presentation of traffic information. Radio has long featured "traffic and weather together", but now advanced traffic data and display technology that effectively harnesses the power of local television (and its online/mobile extensions) have become available.

We realize that, as your trusted weather partner, we can play an important role to help you navigate the emerging technologies in the traffic data industry, and put together a comprehensive solution that allows you to win in traffic. Just like we help you win in weather today.

Plus, we use patent-pending technology to integrate the traffic data with the weather data showing the weather situation and its concurrent, real-time impact on traffic!

Why should I work with you for my traffic needs?

At MyWeather we are your consultant to the world of traffic information. We work directly with you to identify the best locally available traffic data in your market, and then provide it to you in one or all of our display solutions — on-air, 24/7 digital, online, mobile, and desktop. We are comprehensive in data, and we are comprehensive in display technologies. In addition, we are not tethered to any single traffic data technology. Thus our traffic display solutions, initially developed to display weather and constantly improved over 30+ years, provides the tools that you need to captivate your audience.

How much does it cost?

The cost is relatively low and proportionate by market size. The revenue opportunities can exceed the total cost by 100% plus, depending on how you package and sell sponsorships. Our "Dollars from Day One" promise will guarantee that you begin generating revenue immediately and our Assisted Sales program can help you secure local sponsors.

What's the typical timeline for launch?

On average about 6 weeks, but maybe sooner depending on the scope of the project.

How can I get more information?

Contact: 1-866-754-4992 or sales@myweather.net

Weather leads the list of the culprits behind traffic delays. With RouteCast, Weather Central and MyWeather are uniquely able to truly integrate the high impact of weather into your traffic reports.

RouteCast 1.5 is a complete on-air, online and mobile traffic solution. It provides seamless integration of broadcast, web, and mobile traffic and weather that allows users to have access to up-to-the minute information regardless of their location.

Using Weather Central’s SimulCAST technology, RouteCast allows stations to easily create and distribute content to multiple media channels with a click of a button. This allows stations to quickly and efficiently provide an important service to their customers without the need to bring in additional resources.

On-air, RouteCast HD provides broadcasters with real-time traffic flow and incident data, radar data and high resolution mapping. Patented MagicTRAK® technology allows talent to interact with multiple video sources and Scene Launch™ live video feeds with the most up-to-date information.

Online, RouteCast provides comprehensive travel forecasts, a traffic blog that enables broadcasters to post messages about commutes, travel, and other traffic-related information, and customizable travel routes that notify users of traffic conditions on their custom routes.

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RouteCast, an Integrated Traffic and Weather Solution for Media
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