On-air: RouteCast HD® by Weather Central
Online: RouteCast® by MyWeather
Desktop: :LIVE Online® Traffic by MyWeather
DTV: TrafficPlus® by Weather Central, Inc.

Weather leads the list of the culprits behind traffic delays. With RouteCast, Weather Central and MyWeather are uniquely able to truly integrate the high impact of weather into your traffic reports.

RouteCast 1.5 is a complete on-air, online and mobile traffic solution. It provides seamless integration of broadcast, web, and mobile traffic and weather that allows users to have access to up-to-the minute information regardless of their location.

Using Weather Central’s SimulCAST technology, RouteCast allows stations to easily create and distribute content to multiple media channels with a click of a button. This allows stations to quickly and efficiently provide an important service to their customers without the need to bring in additional resources.

On-air, RouteCast HD provides broadcasters with real-time traffic flow and incident data, radar data and high resolution mapping. Patented MagicTRAK® technology allows talent to interact with multiple video sources and Scene Launch™ live video feeds with the most up-to-date information.

Online, RouteCast provides comprehensive travel forecasts, a traffic blog that enables broadcasters to post messages about commutes, travel, and other traffic-related information, and customizable travel routes that notify users of traffic conditions on their custom routes.

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RouteCast, an Integrated Traffic and Weather Solution for Media
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